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Dr. Frankline A. Ndi

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SFB/TR 228 - Future Rural Africa

AG Wirtschaftsgeographie
Geographisches Institut der Universität Bonn
Meckenheimer Allee 166
D-53115 Bonn

Raum 124
Tel +49 228 73-2104
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Research Foci

Development and economic geography

Land and environmental politics, policies and conflicts

Food security and agricultural transformation


SFB/TR 228 - Future Rural Africa

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Ndi, F.A.; Wanki, J.E, and Dessein, J. (2021). Protectors or Enablers? Untangling the Roles of Traditional Authorities and Local Elites in Foreign Land Grabs in Cameroon. Development Policy Review, 00: 1-18; online.

Ndi, F.A. (2019) Land Grabbing, Gender and Access to Land: Implications for Local Food Production and Rural Livelihoods Amongst Affected Communities in South West Cameroon. Canadian Journal of African Studies. 53(1), 131-154. DOI:10.1080/00083968.2018.1484296

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Ndi, F.A. (2017). Land Grabbing, Local Contestation and the Struggle for Economic Gain: Insights from Nguti village, South West Cameroon, SAGE Open, p. 1-14.

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Ndi, F.A. (2017). Land Governance and Poverty, World Bank, Washington DC. March 2017




Postdoctoral Researcher in the Future Rural Africa research project


Örebro University, Sweden, Postdoctoral Researcher
2014– 2018 University of Melbourne – Australia - PhD in Human Geography,
Doctoral Thesis titled ‘Behind the Scenes of Land Grabbing: Conflict, Competition, and the Gendered Implications for Local Food Production and Rural Livelihoods in Cameroon’.
2011– 2013 Ghent University – Belgium – International MSc in Rural Development
2009– 2010 Linnaeus University – Sweden - MSc Peace and Development Studies
2002– 2005 University of Buea – Cameroon - BSc Sociology and Anthropology